Hello. My name is Shaun Hussey. I'm a Web Developer & Graphic Designer in Terre Haute, Indiana. I began working in the Graphic Design Field in 1993. I started r.p.m. productions, a company focused on band/event promotion. I created r.p.m. magazine which was a free monthly magazine that featured articles about music & pop-culture.
I attended ISU and began working for the Indiana Statesman, the student newspaper, where I found my enjoyment of advertising design. With that experience I landed a job at the Tribune-Star.
I began as a part-time Graphic Designer in the composing department. Two years later was promoted to a full-time position in the Art Department branching out to other duties that were related to editorial as well as advertising. Two years after that I was promoted to the Web Developer position which I hold now. I oversee all aspects of the website, It's quite an enjoyable work experience that offers me a great working environment with daily deadlines and an opportunity to grow creatively as well as technically.
Beginning in October of 2007 I was named Art Director of Terre Haute Living Magazine.

Shaun Hussey's Resume


10/2007 - Present
Art Director, Terre Haute Living Magazine
Terre Haute/Indiana

Oversee, develop and design all elements of Terre Haute Living Magazine, a regional lifestyles magazine. Create logos, visual elements and layout of pages for print and online.

1/2006 - Present
Web Developer, Tribune-Star
Terre Haute/Indiana

Develop and provide content. Design graphics to enhance the look of the site. Responsible for making improvements or enhancements, technical programming, web site design, and daily operations. Investigate system errors and ensure user accessibility and site performance. Design and implement internal and external web pages and applications. Perform analysis of organizational needs and goals. Perform SEO and statistical and market analysis. Consult with users and project teams to determine requirements for web pages and related applications.

3/2001 - Present
Graphic Designer, Tribune-Star
Terre Haute/Indiana

Produce graphic design art work for sales, advertising, and public relations materials. Coordinate in-house production and outside services for magazine and special sections.
Illustration, graphic design, layout and copy writer of print and web advertisements for clients as well as house ads and sales promotions. Pagination, negative printing (though we go Computer to plate now), photo color correction & scanning.
Troubleshoot third-party creatives for pre-press operations. Pre-flighting and correction of document errors.

2/1995 - 2006
Owner, DBA, r.p.m. productions
Terre Haute/Indiana

Writing and design of newsletters and brochures, advertisements and manual images, computer graphics, logos. Successfully started and published monthly entertainment magazine. Created r.p.m. Productions – an event promotions company.

3/1999 - 6/2001
Creative Services Manager /
Ad Production Manager
Indiana Statesman & IQ Magazine
Indiana State University
Terre Haute/Indiana

Illustration, graphic design, layout and copy writer of advertisements for clients as well as house ads and sales promotions. Dummying of each paper, processing camera-ready ads, cataloging and storage of hard copy and electronic copy of ads/photos. managed and collaborated with a team of three graphic designers.

2/2000 - 6/2001
Account Executive
Indiana Statesman & IQ Magazine
Indiana State University
Terre Haute/Indiana

Met with current and prospective clients. Worked closely with clients to facilitate long term advertising needs. Exceeded personal sales goals each month.

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Let's Hear About Shaun Hussey!

just a few quotes
Shaun's level of creativity in ad design is yet unmatched at the Indiana Statesman. He gave our advertisers the edgy look and message desirous of a campus readership. He was a mult-award winner for his work in design. As an ad salesman, Shaun had a naturally developed talent for solid customer service. Aside from those talents he was a great pleasure as a friend and co-worker.
-Marcy Shonk, Assistant Director of Student Publications, Indiana State University
Shaun is very creative, open minded and extremely helpful to others with online questions for our group.
-Jim Santori, Publisher/Executive Editor, Kokomo Tribune